The mydlink smart home app

It’s now easier than ever to manage D-Link cameras, smart plugs, and sensors — all in one place.

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Step into Your Smarter mydlink Home


Location-based automation for when you're out or almost home.

Cloud Recording

Save all camera footage to the cloud, and watch it anywhere, anytime.

Live Views

Live views anywhere, anytime, keep you close to what matters even when you’re away.

More Compatible

Say hello to the Google Assistant and Alexa — mydlink works great with both of them!


Set automations for your home and set the mood you wish, in ‘scenes’ mode on the all-new mydlink app

Set Schedules

Make life easier with scheduled automations. It’s the dream smart home that lets you set it and forget it.

Smart Automations

Create the smart home that reacts to your every move with intelligent trigger events and actions.

Manage your whole home from one screen

With convenient accessibility, the mydlink app is designed to make your smart home even smarter, thanks to one-tap functions with instantaneous control, and immediate access to device settings and usage analytics.

Managing your smart home via the mydlink app tutorial video.

Set the scene with a tap of a button

Scenes are grouped automations that are designed to help you quickly change the mode of your entire household - all from the convenience of a single tap. You can power on or off several devices and set rules for specific days, periods, or seasons.

Activate all lights and turn your cameras to privacy mode

Turn all cameras on, and set automations to be triggered by events

Turn off all lights and activate outdoor cameras for peace of mind whilst you’re sleeping

How to set up Scenes via the mydlink app video tutorial.

Easy scheduling and automations

Make your home more productive by scheduling your devices or tailoring your automation rules to your preferences. Creating automations that trigger D-Link products is easier than ever and you can activate them immediately, via scene, or automatically with a schedule.

Scheduling mydlink app video tutorial.

Location-based camera monitoring

With geofencing, mydlink can know when your device enters or leaves the fenced area and can then automate your home for you. Automatically switch the lights on when you are nearly home or start cameras monitoring when you leave the house.

Event & Video

Access and view all your recorded events and videos on the mydlink app. You can also download your videos to your device and share them.

Events video tutorial for the mydlink app.


Organised events log

Select a date from the conveniently organised calendar, with events arranged from newest to oldest.

Save & download clips

Easily view footage, with the option to save, or download directly from the app onto your phone.

Respond immediately from your lock screen

Rich notifications let you see and do more right from your lock screen by providing context and quick action buttons that enable you to act without having to open the mydlink app.
Rich notifications mydlink video tutorial.

Setup is easier than ever.

It's easy to set up your D-Link smart home. The mydlink app instantly identifies new devices and adds them with Smart Bluetooth BLE technology. All you need to do is let the app scan for your product, link it to your Wi-Fi, name it — and it's ready.

Adding a new device to the mydlink app video tutorial.

All Your Footage Saved to the Cloud

Worried that you’ll lose your camera footage?
Don’t sweat it! mydlink cameras let you record snapshots and video clips to the cloud for anytime access. Play back recordings from the cloud or download footage to your mobile device from anywhere, anytime through the Internet.*

*Check below for subscription plans

Record for Free or Get More With a Paid Plan

With mydlink Cloud Recording you can save all your clips to the cloud and view anywhere, anytime.
There's a mydlink Cloud Recording plan to suit the needs of every mydlink smart home.
*Plan pricing denoted in USD. Pricing will vary according to region.

Cloud recording mydlink app video tutorial.


$0 per month / per year

  • Camera Limit: 3
  • Cloud Recording: 1 day (s)
  • Pinned Clips: 50 clips
  • Plan Duration: 1 year
  • HD Recording


$2.49 per month / $24.99 per year

  • Camera Limit: 5
  • Cloud Recording: 7 day (s)
  • Pinned Clips: 100 clips
  • Up to 2K recording


$4.99 per month / $49.99 per year

  • Camera Limit: 3
  • Cloud Recording: 14 day (s)
  • Pinned Clips: 500 clips
  • Up to 2K recording


$9.99 per month / $99.99 per year

  • Camera Limit: 10
  • Cloud Recording: 30 day (s)
  • Pinned Clips: 1000 clips
  • Plan Duration: 1 year
  • HD Recording


$19.99 per month / $199.99 per year

  • Camera Limit: 10
  • Cloud Recording: 90 day (s)
  • Pinned Clips: 1000 clips
  • Up to 2K recording

Detect Motion that Matters with AI-Based IVA

Select mydlink smart cameras come with built-in AI-based IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) technology. Person Detection, Multi-Zone Detection, Boundary-Crossing Detection and Priority Zone settings ensure advanced, intelligent customization of how alerts are triggered for all-round smarter home monitoring.


Select mydlink cameras intelligently tell apart a person from a thing. Now you’ll get alerts when a person walks into your room. NOT every time a bug flies into it.

Multi-zone Motion Detection

Get an alert when something’s moving around specific areas of interest – like your doors and windows. It’s easy when you can create and customize up to 4 independent motion-detection zones in your camera view.

Priority Zone

Know when Spot jumps onto the sofa, or when your baby climbs out of the crib. Priority Zones let you prioritize sensitive areas, so you'll know when something or someone has crossed into or out of the zone.

Works with the Google Assistant and Alexa

The camera plays nice with the Google Assistant and Alexa. Use voice controls to stream live video from your camera to Amazon Fire TV, Echo Show, Echo Spot or Google Chromecast.

FINALLY. A way to monitor everything you care about (without lifting a finger)

Work with OK Google   works with alexa