How do I enable D-Link utility software in Windows XP and connect to a Wireless device?

Step 1. Double-click on MyComputer.

Step 2. Click once on My NetworkPlaces located on left hand side under OtherPlaces.

Step 3. Click on View NetworkConnections, under the Network Tasksoption.

Step 4. You should see something that will sayWireless Network Connection. Right-click on thisthen left click on Properties.

Step 5. It will default on theGeneral tab; left-click on the WirelessNetworks tab. Un-tick the box that says UseWindows to configure my Wireless network settings.

Step 6. Down at the bottom clickOK.

Step 7. Once you have done this go back to yourdesktop.

Step 8. You should have an icon on the task barthat looks like a D.

Step 9. If you don't have theD icon, please restart your PC.

Step 10. Once restarted or if you have theD icon, double click on this icon.

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