How to Setup a LAN Network with your DSL-3580L Router?

LAN Network Setup

The four yellow sockets on the rear of the DSL-3580L are for connecting your home network devices to create your Local Area Network (LAN).

If you have a computer, a network-enabled printer and a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device, as well as any Wi-Fi devices, they will all connect with one another using the LAN.

The IP Address range used is by default to, with the DSL-3580L's IP Ad-dress set as When you set your network devices up to connect to the DSL-3580L, you will normally choose an IP Address within the same range, i.e. to, the subnet mask and the DSL-3580L's default LAN IP Address ( the Default Gateway.

DHCP Server should be ticked to enable the DSL-3580L to assign an IP Address to any LAN devices connected to it.

Click Save Settings to save your changes.

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