My modem is having problems dialling up what should I do?

Step 1. Check if driver has been installedproperly:
Go to Start > [Settings] > Control Panel > System >[Hardware] > Device Manager. The modem should be seen in DeviceManager without any exclamation marks or question marks under theModems category.
If modem has exclamation mark or not listed there and there is anUnknown, Unsupported or Other Devices there - remove it from DeviceManager and reinstall the modem.

Step 2. Check if your System can communicate withthe modem:
In Windows XP/2000:
Go to Start > Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options >Modems > select your modem > Properties > Diagnostics.Click on Query Modem button.

In Windows 95/98/ME:
Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Modems >Diagnostics tab
You should see a new modem installed on one of the COM ports (eg.COM3).
Select the COM port with your modem, Click on 'More Info...'button.

After a while, you will see a window with the response from themodem.
If you are getting 'Port already opened' message, you need todisable software which may use the COM port of the modem (e.g.faxing software) and reboot computer. If you are getting an errorabout modem not responding, try to reinstall the modem'sdriver.

Step 3. Check if your dial-up connection isconfigured to use the right modem:

Windows XP:
Start > Control Panel > Network Connections. Right-click onthe connection you use to dial and select Properties. Make sureunder "Connect Using" you have got the right modem selected.

Windows 95/98/ME:
If you had another modem installed before, you need to reconfigureyour Dial-Up connection to use the new modem. To do that please goto My Computer > Dial Up Networking > right-click on your ISPconnection icon and select Properties. Under Connect Using... menuselect the right modem.

Step 4. If modem does not detect the dialtone:
Make sure the phone line is working and connected to the LINEsocket of the modem.

WINDOWS 95/98/ME: go to Start > Settings > Control Panel >Modems > select your modem > Properties > Connection >Advanced > Extra Settings...

WINDOWS XP/2000: go to Start > Control Panel > Phone andModem Options > Modem > Properties > Advanced

In the Extra Settings field type one this string which disables thedial tone detection:


Put comma before the telephone number that you are dialing (forexample: "01912345" change it to ",01912345").

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