How do I configure recording to the Micro SD card on my DCS 942L

To setup recording to the Micro SD Card, configuration must be performed within the Web Interface of the DCS-942L. This can be done using the Cameras IP address or using the mydlink web portal.

Option 1: mydlink Portal

Step 1:
Go to and log into your account

Step 2: Select your DCS-942L and click on the Settings Tab

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Step 3: Click on Advanced Settings

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Option 2: Using the Camera IP Address
Note: If you already know the IP address of your DCS-942L, skip to the next section "Configuring your DCS-942L for recording"

Step 1: Launch the Install Wizard for the DCS-942L

Step 2: Click Next until the wizard searches for your camera

Step 3: When found, record the IP address of the camera you want to configure for recording.

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Configuring your DCS-942L for recording

Step 1: Open your internet browser and type the IP address of your DCS-942L into the address bar

Step 2: When prompted, enter your username and password for the camera (The default username is admin and there is no password)

Step 3: Click on the Setup Tab and then click on SD Management on the left side

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Note: You must format the installed SD card to allow the DCS-942L to read it. Formatting will cause all data on the SD card to be erased.

Step 4: Click on Format SD Card

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Step 5: Click on SD Recording:

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Step 6: Configure recording to the SD

  • Check to Enable
  • Trigger by:
    • Always- Record 24/7
    • Motion: Record only when motion is enabled (Note: Motion detection must be configured)
    • Schedule: Record on user-defined schedule
  • Recording type:
  • Snapshot: Record my taking snap shots
  • Video: Record by capturing video
  • Recording Length: Specify how long each video file will be (1-6 minutes per file)
  • SD Card:
    • Keep free Space: Specify how much space to leave on the SD Card (Will always leave this much room on SD Card)
    • Cyclic: Selecting this option will cause the oldest folder/files to be deleted when space is needed for more recording.

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Click Save Settings


Playback can be done directly from the mydlink portal or you can download the files to a computer for local playback.

Viewing on mydlink Portal

Step 1:
Log into your mydlink account at

Step 2: Select your DCS-942L

Step 3: Click on Playback

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Step 4:
Select the record date and Click GO

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Step 5:
Select the recording to playback

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Local Playback/Downloading

Step 1: Click on the Setup Tab and SD Management on the left Side

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Step 2: Select the day of recording (under Name)

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Step 3: Select the file to view/download

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Step 4: Choose to open or save the file

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Note: You must have a video player installed on your computer to playback the file (ie. Windows Media Play/VLC)

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