How do I install the DFE-530TX in SCO Unix 3.2.4x?

   1 Login to the network as root. (On maintenancemode)

   2 Insert the driver diskette in Drive A or Drive Band use the
      doscp command to copy the SCOUNIXDriver into the UNIX directory.

           # cd /
           # doscp a:/scounix/setup setup
           (or # doscp b:/scounix/setup setup)
           # chmod x /setup
           # ./setup a:/scounix
           (or # ./setup b:/scounix)

    3 Add a chain by executing the netconfigcommand

      A menu similar to the followingappears on the screen:

           1) Add a chain
           2) Remove a chain
           3) Reconfigure an element in a chain
           q) Quit

    4 Select option 1 "Add a chain".

      The following prompt appears:

           Select top level of chain to Add or q to quit:

    5 Select sco_tcp for SCO TCP/IP for UNIX.

      The following messageappears:

           Select next level of chain to Add or q to quit:

    6 Select p30430.  This value variesaccording to your card number.

      The following prompt appears:

           Add chain sco_tcp->p30430 (y/n):

    7 Type "y" for yes.

      The following messageappears:

           Please select Driver Mode: (1) Auto (2) 100 Full
                   (3) 100 Half (4) 10 Full (5) 10 Half
           Please input your select (1-5):

    8 Type in the media mode number. Ex: selct 1for Auto.

      The following messageappears:

           Input your PCI ID (ENTER is recommended, or 12 hex digits):

    9 Specify the internet address (IP address)of the interface.

      The following messageappears:

           Enter the netmask for this interface:

   10 Specify the subnet mask for the interface.Please consult the systems
      administrator if it is unknown.Default mask is

      The following messageappears:

           Does the interface use a broadcast address of all 1's (y/n):

   11 Answer this question accordingly.  Defaultis "y".

      The following messageappears:

           Enter the broadcast address for this interface:

   12 Type in the broadcast address for theinterface.

      The following messageappears:

           Are these values correct ? (y/n)

   13 If all values are correct, type "y". Otherwise,answer "n" and
      repeat the process.

      The following messageappears:

           XX Pseudo ttys are currently configured, do you want to:

                   1) Add Pseudo ttys
                   2) Remove Pseudo ttys
                   Select an option or enter q to quit [q]

   14 Type "q".

      The main menu reappears on thescreen:

           1) Add a chain
           2) Remove a chain
           3) Reconfigure a element in a chain
           q)Quit                                Select option:

   15 Select "q".

      The following messageappears:

           Do you want to relink to kernel now ?

   16 Type "y" for yes.

      The following messageappears:

           Do you want this kernel to boot by default (y/n)

   17 Type "y" for yes.

      The following messageappears:

           Do you want the kernel environment rebuilt (y/n)

   18 Type "y" for yes.

   19 Reboot UNIX by typing the following:

           #shutdown -y -g0

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