How do I install my DFE-530TX in UNIX?

1) Enter the following commands at the UNIX prompt. Remember, UNIX is
       case sensitive.

        1:mkdir /temp /temp
        3:mcopy a:via-rhine.c.       (copies from DOS disk tocurrent working directory)
          mcopya:pci-scan.c .        (mcopy ismtools if you don't have mtools,you can mount -t /dev/fd0 and usecp command)
          mcopya:pci-scan.h .
          mcopya:Makefile .
    2) type
       make clean
       make all
       to generate via-rhine.o&& pci-scan.o      

    3) Run netconfig to set you networkparameter(like ip,gateway),This will create
       '/etc/rc.d/inet1' and 'inet2'files.

    4) you must modify /etc/rc.d/rc.inet1 toinsmod driver.This file will run at
       boot time.

        1:add a line inrc.inet1:
        2:cd /etc/rc.d
        4:insmod /yourdriver'path/via-rhine.o(pci-scan.o must in the samedirectory)
        5:ex:insmod/usr/src/linux/modules/via-rhine.o (must before bindprotocal)
        6:shutdown -hnow    (then your driver will work every time youboot.)

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