12-Month Anti Virus Subscription Pack for DFL-860


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NetDefend UTM firewalls create a safer network environment for companies using a built-in extreme-performance Anti-Virus acceleration engine together with stream-based virus scanning technology.

NetDefend™ UTM firewalls implement stream-based virus scanning technology without first caching complete incoming files, thus increasing inspection performance and relieving network bottleneck nightmares while enabling powerful virus defense capabilities.

D-Link firewalls use virus signatures from the well-known and respected antivirus company Kaspersky Labs to provide our customers with prompt signature updates and reliable, accurate antivirus signatures.

Using stream-based virus scanning technology, NetDefend UTM firewalls block viruses and malware before they ever reach your network's desktops or mobile devices. NetDefend firewalls create a safer network environment for companies of all sizes, from SMB networks to enterprise-class organizations.

Up-to-date Protection

Kaspersky Labs is the market leader in AV signature creation, providing the fastest response to the most dangerous viruses, trojans, worms and spyware programs.

Performance Optimized
D-Link's AntiVirus solution has a built-in extreme-performance AV acceleration engine that allows D-Link's UTM firewalls to perform with a much higher throughput than other antivirus-capable UTM firewalls on the market.

Streaming-based Pattern Matching
A streaming-based scan engine inspects all payloads and matches the signature packet-by-packet. File-based AV protection will never encounter a file-size limitation since D-Link firewalls do not need to store whole files in memory for inspection purposes.

Fast Response Time
All AntiVirus signatures are updated hourly and made available through D-Link update servers worldwide, and emergency signature releases protect against the latest, most virulent virus variations.

Comprehensive AntiVirus Signature Database
NetDefend's proactive signature database protects each system against network worms, trojans and spyware with over 2,000 signatures covering all Wild List threats and thousands of well-known OS exploits and application vulnerabilities.

Complete AntiVirus Signature Advisory
Complete antivirus logs with issue dates, behavior and technical details enable MIS personnel to know about and then respond immediately to virus threats and infections.

My D-Link
My D-Link portal provides a registration and management platform for all D-Link customers. D-Link customers need to register their firewall to receive AV update services from the NetDefend Center's My D-Link. The current status of all registered products will be presented, including Model Names, MAC addresses, Serial Numbers, Registration dates and AV Service Expiration dates. Customers can easily maintain all firewalls registered under My D-Link.

NetDefend Live
The NetDefend Center also provides customers with NetDefend Live. NetDefend Live is a platform for providing information about potential security breaches and associated advisories. When D-Link Security Center discovers new exploits and releases new signatures, associated security advisories will be simultaneously updated. This update is provided on a 7x24x365 basis. The main purpose of NetDefend Live is to help customers know more about new signatures and vulnerabilities. MIS departments can use NetDefend Live as reference to uproot threats and patch vulnerabilities within the enterprise before they are exploited. With NetDefend firewalls as the first line of defense and NetDefend Live as the second, D-Link helps customers to counteract emerging network threats promptly, before they have an impact on business.

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