12 months combined IPS, AV and WCF subscription service


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12 months combined IPS (Intrusion Protection System), AV (Anti Virus) and WCF (Web Content Filtering) subscription service for DFL-160.
This all in one subscription is designed to provide regular updates to all the key components in your firewall to ensure your network remains secure.  

The 12 months signatures and patterns updates for the IPS (Intrusion Protection System) service protects your network from unauthorised hackers,  regardless of the type of attacks, viruses, worms, Trojans or open ports in the web servers or mail servers,  your system will remain protected through regular updates to your IPS service.
Combining the IPS updates with 12 months Anti-Virus pattern updates from Kaspersky and Web Content Filtering updates from ContentKeeper to ensure secure legal browsing, SMBs are easily able to secure, protect and monitor their corporate networks.

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