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Simple cloud-managed networking.

The fully hosted cloud-managed networking solution with a free dedicated app and a pay-as-you-grow subscription model.

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Nuclias Cloud is designed for Small-to-Medium business that don't want the hassle of the network's tech side and just want things to work

Nuclias Cloud is specifically designed to make network management a breeze. All of the management software and hardware are hosted in Nuclias Cloud and accessible from anywhere with an intuitive and user-friendly interface from any PC, laptop, or mobile through the cloud portal or app.

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Perfect for:

    Businesses with minimal or no IT staff
    Low skill-level knowledge of IT
    Need a simple, scalable solution
    Zero-touch deployments
    Easy remote management and reporting

Find the right solution for you.

Use our Nuclias Guide or the Nuclias Comparison to figure out what solution your business needs.

How you can use Nuclias

Not all businesses have the same requirements. We offer 2 Nuclias options for your business; compare to see which is the right one for you.

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Here are some Nuclias Cloud use-cases:

Nuclias Cloud being used in small businesses.

Small businesses

A robust and affordable solution for SMB's to future-proof their network. Keep your business running without worrying about IT.

Nuclias Cloud at a cafe.

Cafes and shops

Manage branches and disperse locations with ease. Real-time analytics help you tailor your customers' Wi-Fi experience.

Nuclias Cloud being used in a hotel.

Boutique Hotels

Create a secure and fast Wi-Fi experience for all your guests throughout all your premises and keep your guests happy.

Nuclias Cloud being used at a school.


A powerful and secure network to support the evolving digital learning experience, without the need for IT expertise.

Manage your network the easy way, through the cloud.

Manage your network centrally from any location, without the need to set up a server. Because Nuclias Cloud devices only need plugging in and powering up, it’s perfect for businesses that don’t have trained IT professionals.

An administrator using the Nuclias Cloud app.

Let us be the IT experts, so you can focus on your business.

With Nuclias Cloud you can manage, monitor and maintain your network without any hassle or down-time. No engineering visits required with zero-touch deployment, meaning APs and switches can be shipped from stock without pre-configuring them.

Nuclias Cloud Managed Service network

Scale your network as your business grows.

Add as many access points or switches as your business needs, thanks to Nuclias Cloud's cost-effective, scalable solution with a pay-as-you-grow subscription model. No large up-front costs and the ability to align your subscription to suit your business requirements.

Business owner making coffee in her cafe.

Remote management, turned into child's play.

Watch over your network by using the Nuclias Cloud app for easy remote access, or through a web browser, from anywhere in the world.

Effortlessly keep on top of any new needs like creating guest networks, adding Wi-Fi to additional locations, updating devices and keeping your network secure. Get an instant overview of live usage and your network’s health, delegate access to other staff members, see maps that show the location of your devices, and create Wi-Fi access log-in pages that can be customised with your brand’s logo with ease.

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A proven, secure network & trusted platform.

Nuclias Cloud offers high-performance Access Points and Smart-managed Switches managed by a centralised cloud-based control, and deploys over 50,000 cloud-managed networks on a trusted tier 1 global service platform.

Simple to install, easier to manage.

Zero-Touch Deployments.

Simply power up and connect each switch and access point. Your network is then ready to automatically receive any configuration settings you defined in your Nuclias Cloud. This makes the service easy to use even for people with a low-skill level knowledge of IT.

Step 1 - connect.


Mount the first Access Point and plug it into an existing powered switch.

Step 2 - install.


Import to e-inventory and add to your account.

Step 3 - configure.


Configure devices by selecting UID, Profile, Site, and License.

Step 4 - manage.


Your settings are pushed to your devices via cloud hosted management.

All the features you need


Zero-Touch Deployment technology

Zero-touch deployments body


Auditable change logs

Role based access control

Role-based administration


Authentication via customisable captive portal, 802.1x and RADIUS server

WiFi cloud

Social login for Wi-Fi access supported

Reports and data

Advanced traffic report and data analysis

Friendly Interface and easy to use

Intuitive web-based interface with multilingual support

Network monitoring

Automatic monitoring and alerts

Firmware upgrades

Over-the-web firmware upgrades

Events log

Searchable network-wide event log


Intuitive VLAN Configuration


Cloud-based RF Optimisation

Nuclias Cloud-Managed Access Points

Nuclias Cloud Access Points receive their configurations automatically from the Nuclias Cloud making it easy to deploy and manage the network remotely.

Find the right solution for your business

What solution does your business need?

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Product Nuclias Cloud by D-Link
Nuclias Connect by D-Link
Platform Type Cloud-based Network Management Platform Type Platform Type Desktop-based Network Management
Scalability Unlimited Scalability Scalability Medium
Ease of Deployment Zero-Touch Ease of Deployment Ease of Deployment App & Desktop-based Configuration
Solution Scope Complete solution optimised out of the box Solution Scope Solution Scope Customisable software controller or Hub
Legacy Device Compatibility
Not Supported
Legacy Device Compatibility Legacy Device Compatibility
Technical Expertise Low Technical Expertise Technical Expertise Medium - High
Pricing Structure Pay-As-You-Go Licensing Fee Pricing Structure Pricing Structure Free Software
Controller Cost No cost Controller Cost Controller Cost Free to install on an existing server

Or one-time purchase of DNH-100
Device Licensing Access Points: from 36€/year

Switches: from 14€/year
Device Licensing Device Licensing Free

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