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Nuclias Cloud

Cloud networking, refreshed

A complete Cloud-based solution for SMBs seeking hassle-free network management.

Cloud networking, easy and simple, as it should be

Our Nuclias Cloud solution allows any organization with any level of IT resources to quickly and easily deploy, configure, manage, monitor, troubleshoot, and scale their networks remotely – via web browser or app.

Zero-touch Deployment
Hassle-free Management
Unlimited Scalability

Nuclias Cloud - Cloud networking, easy and simple, as it should be

Configure and manage your network over the Cloud

Zero-touch deployment of Access Points, Switches and other Nuclias Cloud-enabled devices can be done by non-technical personnel, with configuration and ongoing management carried out remotely via computer or tablet, anywhere.



A robust yet affordable solution for SMB’s to base their digital transformation on. Keep your business running at full steam.

Retail Chains


The network foundation for any retailer. Real time analytics help you tailor customer’s Wi-Fi experience, as well as further drive sales.



Create a secure and fast Wi-Fi experience for all your guests throughout your entire premises. Guests will leave 5-star reviews, every time.



A powerful network to support the evolving digital learning experience while ensuring staff and student online safety.

Cloud network management with ease

Cloud network management with ease

Nuclias Cloud is designed for businesses who lack in-house IT skills. Network self-healing, airtime fairness, and load balancing minimize complaints and outages. Network expansion is a snap, updates are easy, and management can be entirely outsourced to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) – it’s that simple. 

No additional training needed
Unlimited scalability of supported Cloud-enabled devices
Efficient centralized Cloud-based management
Devices still work even when not connected to the Cloud
99.9% Service Level Agreement reliability

Zero-Touch Deployment with Cloud-Based Management

With Nuclias Cloud, there’s no need to send out an engineer for installation. With Zero-Touch Deployment, all you need to do with a new onsite device is connect it. All configuration can be remotely managed via the Cloud. Firmware upgrade is done over the air. Set up the update schedule on the web portal, and firmware upgrade is carried out for assigned sites and devices, as scheduled.


Everything from profile details to access controls are preconfigured to meet your business’s unique needs.


When your Nuclias Cloud network device is delivered, you can start its installation, immediately.


Simply connect to the Internet, and all your settings are dispatched to your devices via Nuclias Cloud, automatically.

 Know your business network, like never before

Know your business network, like never before

Easily manage your network on the go. Get an instant overview of live usage and your network health. Delegate access to your sites. And see maps that show the location of your devices (via Google Maps).

  • Intuitive statistics and reports of network usage across time and locations that enable business insight
  • Customizable portal for brand awareness
  • Take as much or as little interest in your network as you want 

Stay connected, anywhere

Stay connected, anywhere

Easily access Nuclias Cloud via app or web browser, anywhere with Internet access. Monitor and manage your network devices remotely. Receive alerts as needed. 

Nuclias Cloud is built on a tried and trusted platform

With Nuclias Cloud, 99.9% availability is guaranteed, with 24x7 automated failure detection, and cross-timezone support for rapid escalation across multiple teams, and multilingual access. Performance is optimized by servers that automatically scale to meet performance demands.

Nuclias Cloud is built on a tried and trusted platform
Network Integrity

Network Integrity

Role & Privilege-Based Access Control
Assign different privileges to users within or outside of the organization to manage and monitor network and guest access.

End-to-End Encryption
All communications over Nuclias Cloud are secured through WebSocket over SSL.

Branded Experience
Add your logo to your Wi-Fi login screen via Nuclias Cloud's captive portal functionality. 

We’re a global company with a local touch, and we’ll support you all the way

Over 95% of resellers that have direct contact with D-Link are happy with the service we provide, and 96% are happy with our technical support.

D-Link has seen how other Cloud-managed network solutions have been placed out of reach of many businesses, which is why we’ve designed Nuclias Cloud to be as accessible as possible, without compromising quality.

95% Resellers are happy with the service provided & 96% Resellers are happy with D-Link Tech Support

Key solution features

  • Intuitive Interface

    Intuitive Interface

    The management software is built for humans, not computers. The tools and features you need are exactly where you would expect them to be, and not some dusty submenu.

  • Zero Touch Deployment

    Zero Touch Deployment

    Zero-touch deployment means that you do not have to configure devices by plugging them in, connecting a computer and using its command line to configure it. Instead, device configuration is pushed to the device remotely.

  • Multilingual Support

    Multilingual Support

    If you find yourself unstuck, support in several language is on hand to help.

  • Unlimited Scalability

    Unlimited Scalability

    There is no limit to the how much you expand your network. Keep adding as many Acess Points and devices as deemed necessary.

  • Cloud Multisite Management

    Cloud Multisite Management

    If your business consists of multiple sites and locations then they can be remotely controlled from a single location. There is no need to go to each individual site and manage.

  • End to End Encryption

    End to End Encryption

    Wireless encryption secures your wireless network with an authentication protocol to keep your data safe from those who are not authorized.

  • NAT Mode & DHCP Server Support

    NAT Mode & DHCP Server Support

    Access Points provide DHCP and NAT services for the network and can double as the network’s gateway router. These capabilities can be useful in small network environments.

  • Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrades

    Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrades

    Firmware upgrades are necessary to keep devices up to date with the latest security and efficiency updates. New updates can be pushed remotely (‘over the air’) to Access Points, meaning no need to be onsite.

  • Automated Monitoring & Alerts

    Automated Monitoring & Alerts

    Monitoring of your network is automatic. When irregularities are identified (such as unexplained usage spikes or installation of a Rogue AP) admins can be alerted and remedial action can be taken, limiting impact and mitigating issues.

  • Role-Based Administration

    Role-Based Administration

    Create administrative hierarchies, giving only necessary administrator privileges to those who need it. Delegate limited access for sites and site settings to those on a needs basis. This avoids accidental or malicious actions interrupting your network.

  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    Our service promise to you. Cloud services are guaranteed to be available 99.9% of the time, and in rare events of downtime standalone operational backup in place for your network devices.

  • Traffic Reports & Analytics

    Traffic Reports & Analytics

    If you want to know more about your network and how it is being utilized, traffic reporting and analytics within the management software helps you stay in the know in real time.

Nuclias Cloud App Screenshot
Nuclias Cloud App Screenshot
Nuclias Cloud App Screenshot

Essential Network Management Tools At Your Fingertip

Manage your entire network using D-Link’s intuitive Nuclias Cloud Management platform. All aspects of your network are easy to reach through the highly powerful centralized platform.

Tasks such as segmenting the network, managing multiple devices simultaneously, enforcing security policies, and monitoring live network statistics remotely can be done anytime, anywhere.

Nuclias Cloud and Connect Comparison

Controller Type
Scalability (Standard)
Solution Scope
Legacy Device Compatibility
Ease of Deployment
User-Friendly Interface
Technical Expertise Req’d
Target Audience
Nuclias Cloud
Complete Solution including APs, Switches, Gateway, and Surveillance Cameras (TBC)

Small to Medium & Large Enterprises
(Licensing fee)
Controller Type
Scalability (Standard)
Solution Scope
Legacy Device Compatibility
Ease of Deployment
User-Friendly Interface
Technical Expertise Req’d
Target Audience
Nuclias Connect
Software Controller - Up to 1,000 APs Hardware Controller - 100 for Nuclias Hub
Customizable Software Controller with AP and hub
Yes (Selected Devices)

Desktop-Based Configuration
IOS and Android
Low to Moderate
Small to Medium Enterprises
Cost-Effective Scaling
(Free software, licensing fee for hub)

Never Be Left Stranded with
Our Tutorial Videos

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our easy-to-understand tutorial videos make Nuclias Cloud a whole lot easier.