What can I do when Active X fails to install during my mydlink camera setup?

Step 1: If you have any software firewalls installed (Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky), try temporarily disabling them and running the wizard again.

Step 2: Ensure you are running the latest setup wizard. Please visit http://mydlink.com/support to download the latest version for your mydlink camera.

Step 3: Check your web browser settings. Ensure that the security level is set to Medium-high or Medium. (If set to High, temporarily lower until setup is complete)

•Open your browser (this example uses Internet Explorer®)

•Click the Settings icon, then Internet Options

•Click on the Security tab. Use the slider to drag the firewall security level down to a lower setting. Click OK to confirm the changes.

Note: It is advisable to return the security setting to its original level once the installation has been successfully completed.

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