How do I connect my camera wirelessly using Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS)?

Please follow the below steps to connect your camera wirelessly with Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS):

Note: If you haven't done so, it is highly recommended that you use the setup wizard for your camera first for initial setup and registration with mydlink service.

Step 1: Press the WPS button on your camera for 3 seconds. The WPS LED on your camera should start blinking blue.

Step 2: Within 60 seconds, press the WPS button of the router that you want to connect.

Step 3: The WPS LED on your camera will automatically configure its wireless settings, and the WPS LED will turn solid blue, then your camera will reboot and connect to your wireless network.

Note: If your router does not have a physical WPS button, you may need to activate WPS through its web interface. Refer to your router's manual for more details.

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