How is the COVR-C1203 Whole Home Wi-Fi solution different from our other Wi-Fi solutions?

COVR-C1203’s key differentiator is its balance of sleek, elegant design, and seamless whole-home networking. Other whole-home networking solutions are geared towards high-end, niche consumers who place a premium on performance and speed for data-intensive activities such as multiple users streaming HD video and online gaming. COVR-C1203 aims to bring high-speed whole home networking within reach of general, everyday users who would like to experience the benefits of mesh networking in their own home.

The COVR-C1203’s seamless Wi-Fi solution is the perfect fit for your modern home featuring three COVR-C1200 Covr Points for complete coverage. Its Smart Roaming technology enables your devices to stay automatically connected to the nearest Covr Point in your home, with all Covr Points working together as one. That means you can seamlessly move from room to room while staying connected at all times.

Covr uses MU-MIMO technology which efficiently handles traffic to multiple devices for even greater wireless speeds. With three Covr Points, you can bring Wi-Fi coverage to an area of up to a massive 5000 square feet (460m2).

Rank: 1.5