Gigabit fiber PCI Express x4-adapter


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If you install the D-Link DGE-560SX in your servers, you will benefit from Gigabit connectivity and the higher performance offered by the PCI Express (PCI-E) architecture.

This enables you to deploy a highly stable, scalable, high-speed network solution at an affordable price.

Fiber Gigabit PCI Express x4 Adapter

The DGE-560SX Fiber Gigabit PCI Express x4 Adapter is a high-performance network card that lets businesses take advantage of the PCI Express (PCIe) slots of their servers to enhance network performance with fiber-optic connectivity. The PCIe architecture ensures dedicated input/output (I/O) bandwidth for the adapter, ensuring high performance without bus sharing for Gigabit Ethernet connectivity in fiber-optic networks.

PCI Express Interface

The DGE-560SX supports 2Gbps transfer rate between the adapter's board and the server host. It provides unsurpassed robustness, reliability and performance, and is the optimum I/O connectivity solution for a wide spectrum of server, storage and system area networks (SAN). As a successor to the PCI and PCI-X interfaces, the PCI Express serial bus eliminates many of the inefficiencies of parallel PCI and PCI-X architectures. With lower pin counts and lower power consumption requirements, the DGE-560SX adapter also reduces system power requirements. PCI Express is backward compatible with PCI and PCI-X addressing, which allows all existing applications and Operating Systems to function unchanged.

Fiber-Optic Connection

With fibre optic cable, distance can reach up to 550m and network speed 2000Mbps (full-duplex).  The adapter offloads the host operating system overhead by providing on-board verification of IP header and TCP/UDP checksum for data received, in turn freeing up server processing power for other applications.

VLAN & QoS Support

The DGE-560SX adapter provides on-board screening of VLAN tagged Ethernet frames compliant with IEEE 802.1Q. This allows the server to operate in a flexible and secure network configuration in a standards-based environment. The adapter supports 802.1p Priority Queues for improved delivery of delay-sensitive data such as voice and video.

The DGE-560SX supports other advanced features such as Jumbo frames of up to 9KB and Promiscuous mode. It supports ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) specifications to enable OS-directed configuration and Power Management (OSPM) to enumerate and configure server motherboards. The adapter supports SNMP agent for management under an SNMP-based platform.

Hot Swap Capability

It is often difficult or impossible to schedule downtime on a server to replace or install peripheral cards. As a PCI Express card, the DGE-560SX provides native support for hot plugging and hot swapping, which makes it ideal for installation in a server. This hot swap capability makes it easy for network administrators to add, change or remove I/O peripherals while minimizing the server downtime.

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Högpresterande maskinvara
  • PCI-E 1.0-gränssnitt med 2,5GHz-signalering
  • 802.3az 1000Base-SX-standard
  • Multimode-fiber upp till 550 m (LC-kontakt)
  • Flödeskontroll enligt 802.3x och full duplex-drift
  • Laserskyddscertifierad
  • In- och urkoppling under drift

Avancerade funktioner
  • 9KB Jumbo-ram
  • Stöd för 802.1Q VLAN
  • Stöd för 802.1p-baserade prioriteringsköer
  • Avlyssningsläge
  • ACPI2.0 effekthantering
  • SNMP-agent för integration med SNMP-administration
  • D-Links program för nätverkskontroll

  • Windows 2000/2000 Server
  • Windows 2003 Server/2003 Server x64 version
  • Windows XP/XP x64
  • Linux Kernel 2.4.x och 2.6.x
This product was phased out on: 24/04/2013
This product's last date of support is on: 24/04/2015
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