How do I configure WPA-PSK on my wireless card using the Microsoft XP Utility?

Note: Make sure to have all of the latestWindows Updates.

Step 1 Click on the XP Networking icon to use theZero Configuration utility. This will be located in the lower-rightcorner (system tray). In the lower-left of the window, click on theAdvanced button.

Step 2 Ensure that Use Windows toconfigure my wireless network settings is checked.Highlight the network you wish to connect to and click on theConfigure button.

Step 3 From the Network Authentication drop-down,select WPA-PSK. Under Data Encryption, selectTKIP or AES. Enter your Networkkey and enter it again next to Confirm network key.

Step 4 Click OK to save yoursettings. You will now see your wireless network under thePreferred Networks box. You should now be connected to yourwireless network using WPA-PSK encryption.

The key is an alpha-numeric password between 8 and 63 characterslong. The password can include symbols (!?*&_) and spaces. Makesure you enter this key exactly the same on all other wirelessclients.


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