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Nuclias Connect Wi-Fi Solution by D-Link at Distributor Epatra’s Smart Office Event

From Epatra’s already successful partnership with D-Link, the idea was born to demonstrate that importance in practice and create an event Wi-Fi solution based on D-Link’s Nuclias Connect portfolio.

Biomedical Cluster at King Juan Carlos University

D-Link Enterprise Switches in the computational cluster to deliver maximum computing power to biomedical research focused on unravelling the mechanisms of ageing and cellular reprogramming in humans.

Remote and integrated network management of the various facilities

La Giocomotiva needed to implement a high-performance network that can be easily managed remotely for all the different facilities located throughout Italy.

High-performance and easily managed remote Wi-Fi for all the hotels in the chain

The Sina Hotels chain needed to upgrade its network infrastructure in order to update the Wi-Fi service.

FEMW Irlandesas El Soto school (Madrid)

has gained recognition from the Google Reference School Network, thanks to the digitisation of its classrooms and educational platforms, which are supported by modern network infrastructure with Wireless and D-Link Switching solutions that have been installed by its partner Egson

Colegio FEMW Irlandesas Madrid

Modern digitalisation of its classrooms and educational platforms, thanks to the deployment of D-Link’s Wireless and Switching solutions, with unified management from the free Nuclias Connect software

MVZ “Im Altstadtquartier” relies on a highperformance network

Together with Pätzold Datentechnik and network components from D-Link, the symbiosis of medical systems and modern IT succeeded

The Saint-François-Xavier Academic Grouping relies on Nuclias Cloud for Wi-Fi infrastructure redesign

In 2019, management decided to carry out an IT audit to modernise an outdated, disparate network infrastructure, which is characterised by numerous slowdowns.

Upgraded wireless and video surveillance systems within EHPAD retirement home facilities

With the health crisis, EHPADs are speeding up their digital transformation to make everyday life easier for staff and keep residents in touch with their families.