How to Boot the Correct Image - DXS-3600-32S CLI

Step 1 – Connect to console port of DXS-3600-32 and configure PuTTy as follows:

Note: COM7 is used in our example, however it may be different on you PC/Laptop. (To check this, you will need to go to Device Manager)

Step 2 – Once configured, click on “Session” and enter a name in “Saved Sessions”. Click “Save” then “Load”

Click “Open”

Step 3 – Once loaded, hit the enter key and create a user

Switch#configure terminal
Switch(config)#username admin password admin
Switch(config)#username admin privilege 15
Switch#copy running-config startup-config
Destination filename startup-config? [y/n]:  y
Saving all configurations to NV-RAM.......... Done.

Step 4 – Check firmware in /c:


Directory of /c:
1   -rw       8137216 Sep 11 2012 12:18:18  runtime.had
2   -rw       9785720 Jun 24 2015 10:07:33  2.00.B042 – In this example we are changing to this firmware
3   -rw      12451244 Jun 24 2015 15:49:22  2.40
4   -rw       9927668 Jun 24 2015 11:20:27  R2.31
5   -rw         34559 Jun 24 2015 15:52:12  config.cfg
6   d--             0 Jun 24 2015 18:53:17  system
1073217536 bytes total (1030461440 bytes free)


Step 5 – Check which firmware is used on boot

Switch#show boot
Unit 1
Boot image: /c:/2.40
Boot config: /c:/config.cfg

Step 6 – To change to a

Switch(config)#boot image 2.00.B042
Are you sure you want to proceed with the system reboot?(y/n) y

Step 7 – On boot you should notice the above firmware used to boot the switch

If you miss the above screen then enter the following command:
Switch#show boot
Unit 1
 Boot image: /c:/2.00.B042
 Boot config: /c:/config.cfg

Rank: 1.5

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