How do I connect to my device via console cable from my mac?

- You have macports installed
- You have used macports to install PuTTY

Step 1 – Open Terminal and type “putty” into the terminal window and press enter.

DWL_8610AP_how_to_connect_via_console_cable_on_my mac

Step 2 – Once the putty window opens, select the “Serial” option.


Step 3 – In the “Serial line” box, type /dev/cu.usbserial  (this may alter, depending on your usb to serial adapter) and set the “Speed” box to 115200


Step 4 – Optionally, type a name in the “Saved Sessions” box and click “Save” to store the settings.


Step 5 – Click “Open” to connect to your device. You may need to press the “enter” key to see any text.


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