I was connected to the Internet but now get the message "Page cannot be found"

When you loose connectivity, it may be because one of thefollowing reasons.

  1. Your D-Link modem or router keeps the settings in a memory bankon the unit itself. If settings are applied but not savedpermanently, the unit will loose the settings after a power blackout. Therefore, make sure to select Save All afteryou are done configuring your unit.
  2. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may upgrade theirequipement, affecting your connection. To ensure compability,update the firmware of your product. Check the support area or
  3. The router configuration is not setup correctly. Reset andreconfigure it.

The system log may indicate an error orfailure. Here are a few examples

Training down (the router cannot reach the adslcarrier)

Failed to load linux drv version (the router cannot initiate aconnection) Solution: reload the firmware file

Failed to authenticate (when the router is comparing the enteredusername and password with your ISP, they don't match)

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