How do I set up motion detection and recording in D-ViewCam?

Step 1: Launch D-ViewCam and click the Schedule Configuration icon.

Step 2: Select the camera(s) you want to apply the recording schedule to, create a schedule and click Configure.

Step 3: Under the Mode menu, select Record on Motion.

Step 4: Under the Original Video view, click and drag to draw a box or multiple boxes to determine the area(s) that you want to monitor for motion. You can also use the sliders to determine the Sensitivity and Frame Interval for motion detection.

Click OK to close the Encoding Options and click OK again to close Schedule Configuration.

Step 5: Click the Start Menu icon and click Start Recording Schedule.

A circle will appear in the top right corner of each camera configured for motion detection recording.

•Green = No Motion Detected

•Red= Motion Detected

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