D-Link provides fun and safety at the Letka swimming pool in Nová Dubnica

Camera system and Wi-Fi for new swimming pool

D-Link provides fun and safety at the Letka swimming pool in Nová Dubnica

Camera system and Wi-Fi for new swimming pool

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The Letka swimming pool is an outdoor summer swimming pool in the city of Nová Dubnica in Slovakia. This new and modern recreational center was opened in July 2017 and is operated by the municipality. The 14 000 square meter site consists of a 25m swimming pool, a pool with two water slides and one water toboggan, a children’s pool, a snack buffet, relaxation zones, sport fields, changing rooms and restrooms. The summer facility with a capacity of up to 1500 people is not only used by local residents, but also by people from its wider surroundings.



Since the swimming pool was newly built on a green field, it was not possible to survey the area. The biggest challenge was the correct design of a wireless network with appropriate coverage and capacity. It was also very important to select the right types of cameras to provide a clear and bright view of all the important areas, like the entrance, the bicycle parking space, the swimming pools and the relaxation zones.




The system integrator company JKC, a certified member of D-Link’s Value In Partnership Plus (VIP+) partnership programme, used D-Link’s free Wi-Fi Planner PRO and Surveillance Planner PRO partner’s tools to design a wireless network and surveillance system based on floor plans. The partner consulted with D-Link’s presales support engineers to select a product and as a result, a powerful, but still cost effective, solution was proposed to the customer.




The partner installed and configured a complete wireless system and surveillance system in the swimming pool area. Outdoor Wi-Fi access points and outdoor 2MP and 5MP motorised varifocal cameras are connected to two Gigabit Smart managed PoE switches DGS-1510 series, which are located in two different buildings, interconnected by fibre 10Gbps ring topology for redundancy. These two switches provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) to connected devices and also high-speed 10G connections to NAS storage and to servers used for the software based wireless controller D-Link’s Central Wi-Fi Manager and for the software for cash desks in the entrance area and the buffet. Video streams from the cameras are stored on a D-Link NVR recorder. The partner implemented VLANs for service isolation, QoS for ensuring high quality service and several security features. Records are remotely available only to the city police through D-ViewCAM Plus video management software (VMS).

Both the wireless and surveillance systems were tested immediately during the first summer season. The surveillance system confirmed that lifeguards were following proper procedures when providing first aid. It also provides theft prevention. The wireless Wi-Fi system is widely used by visitors. During hot summer days, when the 1500 person capacity of the swimming pool was almost reached, the system was used by nearly 700 devices during the day.

The customer is fully satisfied with D-Link solution. It works as needed and required for the trouble-free operation of the swimming pool. Visitors can enjoy summer days and are satisfied.