How to Configure Port Rate Limiting - DGS-1510-Series


Ixia1 DGS-1510 ------------ ------------- Ixia2
(Traffic generator 1)

Ixia1 continually sends packets to 1G full speed (about 760000Kbps) to Ixia2, but we hope which was receiving Ixia2 these packages with a speed limit 50000 Kbps.

To perform the indicated configuration follow these steps:

QoS > Port Rate Limiting

Port speed limit: set the output port10 (TX) speed limit 50000 Kbps, other parameters remain in default as follows.

DGS-1510 Series Configure Port Rate Limiting
2. Ixia1 keeps sending packets with full speed,but we can see the Ixia2 receive these packages with speed limit of 50000 Kbps.

DGS-1510 Series Configure Port Rate Limiting


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