How can I access my DNS-313 on the network? What is the default IP address?

NOTE: the instructions below will only workonce the harddrive installed in the DNS-313 has been formatted.Please refer to

The simplest way to discover the DNS-313 is to use theEasySearch utility included on the CD-ROM. This will automaticallydetect any DNS-313 devices on your network, allow you to set upnetwork drives in Windows, perform basic configuration and accessthe web configuration interface.

Alternatively, you can use your Internet browser to access theweb configuration. The factory default IP address of the DNS-313 is192.168.0.32, and the configuration web page can be accessed at

If the DNS-313 is connected to a network running a DHCP server,as is commonly the case on broadband routers, it will receive an IPaddress from that. In this case, please refer to the documentationof the router or other DHCP server to find out how to discover theIP address of the DNS-313, or use the EasySearch utility.

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