What is the difference between a Pin Code and Security Code?

When you first install the drivers for the DBT-120 you may be askedfor a Security Code in order to continue theinstallation.

After you´ve installed the drivers and configured yourDBT-120 you will be asked to create a Pin Code in order topair the two Bluetooth devices.

  • Pin Code - This is something that you create.This is an authentication request. This notification appearsautomatically in a balloon over the Windows system tray if aPersonal Identification Code is required before a connection canproceed. If the PIN code does not match the code entered on theremote device, the connection will not be allowed. Once the remotedevice has been authenticated this notification will not appearagain, unless the paired relationship is broken and the devicesmust re-sync.
  • Security Code - A 32-digit security code thatis included with the DBT-120 and is located on the back flap of thedriver CD cover. If it is a rev.B4 then you shouldn´t beasked to input one.
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