Wireless AC1200 Wave 2 Wall-Plated PoE Access Point


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Business Wi-Fi that’s simple to install and simple to manage.

Plug this Nuclias Connect Access Point into any Ethernet wall socket and deliver high-speed AC Wave 2 Wi-Fi on a network that you can manage remotely. Fewer wires and powerful management with guest-access make Nuclias Connect the perfect solution for any professional environment.

Manage your business network with ease

The DAP-2622 works with Nuclias Connect - a software-based management platform (with optional hardware controller) that can be used on-premises, or as a cloud solution hosted on a public cloud service. Admin tasks can be swiftly carried out from the Nuclias Connect app, or server/PC-based software for easy access, easy automation, and easy network scalability.

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Easily manage your network with Nuclias Connect

Automate, monitor, manage and scale your network in line with business demand without the complexity or cost, through the centrally managed Nuclias Connect platform.

Minimise the hassle of admin tasks

Empower admins to work efficiently & effectively with role-based options that enable delegated access across your network. You can deploy, configure, update and expand rapidly, even across multiple sites, and utilise the intuitive dashboard to keep issues to an absolute minimum.

Free-to-download software & app

Nuclias Connect software and mobile app are free to download and there are no licensing or support fees. Easily manage your network, anytime, anywhere.

Flexible installation with PoE

Supports Power over Ethernet (802.3at) for a simpler installation with less cable clutter & includes a wall-plate design for installation on Ethernet wall sockets.

Super-fast Wireless AC Performance

New generation IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless with high-speed 1200 Mbps throughput1 and dual-band 2x2 MIMO technology with band steering.

x3 LAN ports

Three LAN ports offer the option to expand your wired network, including the option to connect and power an additional PoE device, such as a VoIP phone.

Multiple Operation Modes

Supports multiple AP modes for performance optimisation based on your network’s needs.

The reliable performance that your business deserves

Designed to support a network that you can count on, the DAP-2622 utilises 802.11ac Wave 2 which not only provides fast wireless speeds, but also enhances your network efficiency by prioritising traffic for an all-round smoother and uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience.

AC Wave 2 speed chart, 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 867 Mbps on 5Ghz, and combined speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps.

Seamless and self-sufficient networking

The DAP-2622 supports Band steering, MU-MIMO and beamforming - all designed to work together to alleviate congestion by automatically routing devices based on Internet usage, so your network won’t be slowed down by devices performing intense tasks.

This Access Point also supports Load Balancing and Airtime Fairness technology, meaning that it plays well with other APs by distributing workloads between them for optimum resource utilisation - allowing every device in your network to seamlessly get the best connectivity possible, without putting a strain on your whole network.

Multiple Operation Modes

To maximise total return on investment, the DAP-2622 can be configured to optimise network performance based on any one of its multiple operation modes: access point, wireless distribution system (WDS) with access point, WDS/bridge (no AP broadcasting), and wireless client.

Convert any Ethernet socket into a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot

The DAP-2622 is equipped with two PoE ports (x1 input and x1 output), which are able to power an external device (such as an IP phone), as well as a LAN port if a wired connection is necessary.

The low-profile design, together with the lack of cable clutter allows for an easy and elegant installation over existing Ethernet sockets.

Network management, refreshed.

Automate, monitor, manage and scale your network without the complexity or cost.

Minimise the hassle of deployments, configurations and admin tasks.

Compared to traditional hardware-based unified management systems, Nuclias Connect offers tremendous flexibility. Easy setups, remote access and an intuitive dashboard make life easier for network admins, whilst functionality and network self-healing tools such as airtime fairness, localised throttling and load-balancing improves overall user experience.

Nuclias Connect offers tremendous flexibility compared to traditional hardware-based unified management systems.


Centralised management capabilities, easy setup, access from anywhere, comprehensive admin tools, and the intuitive dashboard functionality make life easy for network admins, whilst its functionality makes life uncomplicated for network users.


Nuclias Connect offers the flexibility to thrive in a variety of scenarios and can utilise legacy equipment, or be implemented as a total solution. Networks can be managed from anywhere and both our management software and reports are customisable.


All Access Points (APs) are license-free and allow for inexpensive network expansion thanks to centralised configuration. Our management software is free to download and provides a comprehensive set of technical features that reduce admin costs.

Manage your business network, like never before.

Nuclias Connect enables you to manage and control your network from anywhere with an internet connection. It provides an extensive understanding of your network and its users through traffic analytics and status reports, which can be viewed at a glance through an intuitive interface on PC, or phone via our app. Insights derived from this traffic data can be used to create business value, and traffic can be viewed across the entire network, to the level of a single AP.

Your Guests Online in No Time with a Captive Portal

With your dual-band Wi-Fi up and running, it is time to get everyone connected. A captive portal is an immensely easy method for getting users online quickly. Simplify further with Social Login so guests can get online whichever way suits them best.

And not only does it also increase brand recognition, but businesses can collect valuable data to better understand users.

Scale your network alongside your business

Nuclias Connect gives you the financial and technical flexibility to grow your network as your business does, whilst retaining a robust and centralised management system, of up to 1,000 APs.

Adding a new site or expanding an existing one is quick as Nuclias Connect makes it easy to scale the network as new access points are automatically discovered, allowing them to be quickly managed and deployed.

Как Nuclias Connect може да ви помогне

Независимо дали е новосъздадена малка фирма или голямо предприятие, което трябва да обнови съществуваща мрежа, Nuclias Connect посреща нуждите на всякакъв размер фирми от различни икономически сектори. Вижте как.

Малки фирми и големи предприятия

Подобрявате управлението на вашата компютърна мрежа, правите го по-лесно и го автоматизирате. Разбирате всичко за нея с един поглед.

Търговски вериги

Получавате аналитични данни, с които се разгадават моделите на поведението на клиента.


Пускате устройствата в действие бързо и ефективно със специална защита на поверителността.


Потребление в реално време и справки за минали дати, часове и обекти.

Efficient hardware, dedicated to Nuclias Connect.

The new Nuclias Connect Hub (DNH-100) is an optional hardware controller that’s small and comes pre-installed with Nuclias Connect. It provides an inexpensive, ready-made solution, and makes AP configurations fast and easy. It removes the need for installing and maintaining Nuclias Connect on additional hardware such as a server or PC. It supports up to 100 APs, automatically detects devices, pushes configurations, and provides robust hardware management. Simply plug in and power on.

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Wireless AC1200 Wave 2 Dual-Band PoE Access Point
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Технически характеристики

Software Managed AP
Wireless standard
Wireless AC Wave 2
Frequency band mode
Dual-band simultaneous
Wireless speed
300 Mbps 2.4 GHz

867 Mbps 5 GHz
Antenna type
Embedded omni-directional antennas
Antenna gain
2.8 dBi for 2.4 GHz

4.1 dBI for 5 GHz
Wired interface
2 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN
Type of housing
Wireless modes
Access Point (AP)

WDS bridge

WDS with AP

Wireless client
Management platform
Nuclias Connect
SNMP (v1, v2c, v3)
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