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I can’t receive the verification e-mail for my mydlink account

1: Check your Spam or Junk Mail folder
It may be possible that your e-mail host may be sending the verification e-mail to your Spam folder or may be blocking the e-mail. Spam filters used by some e-mail providers may block or blacklist e-mails they perceive to be spam.

Note: If you are using a business e-mail address, your company's e-mail system may be using a spam rule to filter incoming e-mails, and may block mydlink e-mails; you may need to talk to your network administrator for clarification.

2: Try to resend the verification e-mail:
- Go to mydlink portal and log into your mydlink account.
- Click on your account name at the top of the page.
- Click on the Resend Verification E-Mail Link.
If you still do not receive the e-mail, try to use a different e-mail address or e-mail host.

Note : This document is also suitable for the DCS-8100LH

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