Passerelle VoIP sans fil 54 Mbps


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Technical Specifications

Device Interfaces

  • 2 FXS RJ-11 ports Transparent fax(G.711) Telnet
  • 10/100BASE-TX RJ-45 port for DSL/cable modem Web-based

Fax Function Support

  • 10/100BASE-TX RJ-45 port for DSL/cable modem Web-based connection Others Out-of-band through console port 4 10/100BASE-TX RJ-45 ports for LAN connection Call waiting alert tone suppor Reset button 802.11g wireless LAN Play ring splash to phone when system ready with
Administration Support
  • RJ-14 port console por t registered User Authentication
PPP Authentication Protocol (RFC 1334)
  • WAN Function Support
  • Backup/Restore
  • Challenge Handshake Authentication
  • Protocol with PPP
  • PPP over Ethernet Client PPPoE (RFC 2516)


  • TOS Type of Service: 3 levels supported (RFC 1994)
  • (Normal, Signaling, RTP packets)
Internet Support Statistic Monitoring
  • IP, TCP, UDP, ARP protocols IP Packet Routing DSP/Ethernet statistics
  • DHCP client IP filtering
  • DNS TCP/IP with RIP v.1, RIP v.2 (RFC 1389),

Static RoutingBackup/Restore

  • ICMP (RFC 791) TFTP support

VoIP Protocol Support

  • UDP (RFC 792)
  • SIP ARP (RFC 826) IP Number Assignment
  • DHCP server
Audio Code VPN Support
  • G.711u-law/A-law IPSec and PPTP pass-through Self Identification
  • G.723.1 DHCP client
  • G.726 IP Multicast Bootp
  • G.729A IGMP Proxy
  • Multicast forwarding
Echo Cancellation
  • G.168 Internet Gateway
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
  • Telephone Function Support server/client (RFC 2131)
  • DTMF dial tone signal support Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Dial pulse support
  • Caller ID support


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Manual (English) Manual (English) - PDF 1.28mb Télécharger
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Quick Installation Guide (English) - PDF 0.57mb Télécharger
Version Description Date
Firmware 1.00.010 Firmware 07/09/2006 Télécharger
Firmware 1 Correct the logo 1.00.009


1 Correct the logo issue
2 Resolved the configure MTU size also be reduced by 60 byte in the WEB More information

31/08/2006 Télécharger
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DEU_CE_Declaration_RevB2 CE Declaration Ver B2 16/03/2006 Télécharger
DEU_CE_Declaration_RevA1 CE Declaration Ver A1 27/12/2005 Télécharger
FR_VoIP_Config_RevA How to set up DVG-G1402S with a VoIP provider - Télécharger