How do I upgrade the firmware on my DVG-2001S?

Step 1 Before you begin, you will need a TFTPServer software to upload the firmware file to the unit. There are several available for download. 

Step 2 Run your TFTP software and leave itrunning on the machine.

Step 3 Login to the DVG-2001S web configurationscreen using its IP address (default is

Step 4 Enter the username/password for thedevice (default is admin/admin)

Step 5 Click on Tools-->Firmware.

Step 6 Enter the IP address of the machinerunning the TFTP server software under TFTP ServerAddress.

Step 7 Set Firmware Update toEnabled

Step 8 Type in the full path and filename ofthe DVG-2001S firmware file in the File Name box.(i.e. C:\2001s_firmwarefile.tfp)

Step 9 Click on Apply toproceed with the firmware update.

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