How do I update the firmware on a DIR series router?

The DIR series features an automatic check for firmware updateswhen an Internet connection is available. It also allows updates tobe loaded from a local file if it is not connected directly to theInternet.

If the router discovers a newer version of the firmware, it willinform the user when they login to the web configuration and takethem straight to the firmware update page. This page can also beaccessed by going to the TOOLS tab, then selectingFIRMWARE.

If new firmware is not detected on login, clicking on theCheck Online Now button will force it tocontact the update server. In either case, the router will thenallow the user to download and install the latest firmware.

When no Internet connection is present, it is possible to loadfirmware from local storage (e.g. a harddrive). To do this, pressBrowse to browse to where the .bin file is savedand select it. Start the update by clicking on theUpdate button.

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