How do I reset my DIR-505 to factory default settings?


  1. If you forget your router’s password, you can perform a reset to return all settings to the factory default.

Step 1: While the router is on, use the end of a paper clip to press the button inside the pinhole on the underside of the router, as highlighted by the red circle below.

D:\07869\Documents\Work\FAQ\DIR-505L FAQ\DIR-505_A1_Image L(Back).png

Step 2: Hold the button down for 10 seconds and then release.

Step 3: The unit will reboot automatically. Once the light on the front of the unit stops blinking, the unit has been reset. Resetting the router does not reset the firmware to an earlier version, it only changes all settings back to factory defaults.

Note: The factory default username is Admin, and there is no password.

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