Nuclias Connect


  • Product Status (EU_RevA): Live
  • Free network management software
  • Supports up to 1500 access points/smart-managed switches (DGS-1210 Series)
  • Traffic Reporting and Analytics
  • Local or remote management options
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Free-to-Download Network Management Software

License-Free Management of up to 1,500 APs/Switches


Intuitive Interface

Inexpensive Hardware Controller

Traffic Reporting and Analytics

Remote Config and Batch Config

Multi-Tenant and Role-Based Administration

Searchable and Auditable Event and Change Logs

Authentication via Customizable Captive Portal 802.1x and RADIUS Server, POP3, LDAP, AD

Multilingual Support

Payment Gateway (Paypal) Integration and Front-Desk Ticket Management

Download Nuclias Connect for free.

Nuclias Connect is our free remote network management software designed with network scalability, privacy and customisation in mind.

It can be used either as an on-premises software management platform, or as a cloud solution.


Minimise the hassle of deployments, configurations and admin tasks.

Compared to traditional hardware-based unified management systems, Nuclias Connect offers tremendous flexibility. Easy setups, remote access and an intuitive dashboard make life easier for network admins, whilst functionality and network self-healing tools such as airtime fairness, localised throttling and load-balancing improves overall user experience.

 Role-based access with remote management
Assign different privileges to users and conveniently configure all devices from the Nuclias Connect app or the web-based browser interface.
 Branding & customisation
Display, analytics, reporting, and management can be customized in a variety of ways for greater control and convenience. Add your logo to your Wi-Fi login screen via the captive portal functionality.
 Existing infrastructure and multi-platform
Convenience of working with an extensive range of existing D-Link access points (APs)*, and it works with Windows, Mac, or Linux.

What Nuclias Connect means for admins.

Since Nuclias Connect's software operates transparently on the network, an AP can be deployed anywhere in a Layer 2/3 environment. Additionally, administrators can provide and manage a variety of distributed deployments, including the option to configure settings and administrator accounts in a specific manner for each deployment.

Nuclias Connect allows for multiple user authentications and also makes it possible to configure specific access controls for each SSID, giving admins the option of configuring separate internal networks for different subnets. This means that more advanced Value-Added Services, such as Captive Portal or Wi-Fi Hotspot, can be used to help manage wireless network traffic.

Network admins can create localised management authority for local networks. 
 x8 SSIDs per radio
APs can support 8 SSIDs per radio, administrators have the option of using one SSID to create a guest network for visitors.
 AP discovery and provisioning
It allows users to find APs on the same Layer 2/3 network and import profiles easily, which can then be applied as needed to groups or individual APs for even more effective configuration.
 Schedules and automated tasks
Batch configuration, automated network management and reporting, and searchable and auditable Event and Change Logs save time.
 Diverse authentication options
Such as Captive Portal, 802.1x and RADIUS Server, POP3, LDAP, AD.


It all stays within your premises and follows your security measures.

Nuclias Connect is designed for businesses where concerns about security and privacy are paramount. User data never leaves your possession. It saves power and improves security with the wireless scheduler feature that switches off wireless connectivity when not needed. And additional security measures can be added easily.

Nuclias brings value to your business.

Its management software is free to download to any compatible PC or server, and is backwards-compatible with a selected number of D-Link APs* and DGS-1210 Series smart-managed switches. Nuclias Connect is also available as a standalone hub (DNH-100) which is an inexpensive option that allows you to manage up to 100 access points.

Use the simple Nuclias Connect app to instantly detect your devices in the network and push configurations remotely.

 Unlimited installation
Nuclias Connect can be installed on an unlimited number of terminals.
 Cost-effective scaling
Less costly network expansion thanks to centralised configurations.
 Free software
License-free management of up to 1,500 APs/switches.

Scale your network alongside your business.

Nuclias Connect gives you the financial and technical flexibility to expand from a small network to a larger one of up to 1,500 APs/switches while retaining a robust and centralised management system.

With more devices being used on networks than ever before, privacy has become an essential requirement. Device information is stored locally and the network can be monitored in real-time.

Amount of APs/switches supported by the software
Or utilise the optional hardware controller that supports 100 APs/switches.

Flexible and intuitive

Through software-based monitoring and remote management of all wireless Access Points (APs) on your network, Nuclias Connect makes it easy to scale the network as new access points are automatically discovered allowing them to be quickly managed and deployed.

Know your business network, like never before.

Easily manage your network on the go, get an instant overview of live usage and your network health, and delegate access to your teams. You can even upload your own map to visually show the location of your devices and create Wi-Fi access log-in pages that can be fully customised with your brand's logo.

 Detailed statistics and reports of network usage across time and locations.
 Customisable Portal for brand awareness.

Nuclias Connect app.

Deployable on a server, PC, or phone via the app, the Nuclias Connect free-to-download software currently supports a dozen new and legacy D-Link Access Point (AP) models* as well as DGS-1210 Series smart-managed switches, and is capable of managing up to 1,500 APs/switches without the need for additional licensing charges.


Compatibility badges

Download Nuclias Connect for free.

Nuclias Connect is our free remote network management software designed with network scalability, privacy and customisation in mind.

It can be used either as an on-premises software management platform, or as a cloud solution.


Start creating your Nuclias Connect network.

Deploy a Nuclias Connect network with our DGS-1210 Smart+ Managed Gigabit Switches and our range of compatible Wireless solutions today.

See Nuclias Connect compatible switches

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* Devices require the latest firmware in order to be compatible. Compatible models at the time of writing: DAP-2230, DAP-2310, DAP-2360, DAP-2610, DAP-2620, DAP-2660, DAP-2662, DAP-2680, DAP-2682, DAP-2695, DAP-3315, DAP-3662, DAP-3666.


Management platform
Access point management - number supported per unit (default/upgradeable)
Up to 1000 APs
AP auto discovery and monitoring
Auto channel and power management
Band steering
Centralised AP firmware upgrade
Fast roaming
Rogue AP/Client detection and mitigation
NAT pass-through
Bandwidth optimisation
External user databae - POP3 and LDAP
Voucher-based authentication
Captive portal
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Nuclias Connect Software for Windows or Linux

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