How do I change the admin/user password on my DI-634M


Step 1Open a web browser and type the IPaddress of the DI-634M into the address bar (default is192.168.0.1). Press Enter.

Step 2 The default username isadmin and the default password is blank (nothing).Click OK.

Step 3 Click on Tools at the topand then click on Admin on the left side.

Step 4 To change the admin password enter the newpassword next to New Password and confirm it next toConfirm Password in the Administratorsection.

To change the user password enter the new password next to NewPassword and confirm it next to Confirm Password inthe User section.

Step 5 Click Apply to save yournew password.

NOTE: You may be prompted to login to theweb-based configuration after saving the new administrativepassword. Enter the new administrative password to login.

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