How do I activate WPA-PSK on this router?

To secure your wireless network with a WPA-PSK key, follow theinstructions below.


Step 1. Log onto the management page, byopening Internet Explorer (web browser) and typing in the routersIP in the address field (default:


Step 2. Username is 'admin' and defaultpassword is blank (nothing). Press OK button.


Step 3. Press tab 'Home' and then 'Wireless' toyour left.


Step 4. Select WPA-PSK by pressing the radiobutton next to WPA-PSK.


Step 5. Make up a passphrase, between 8 and 63characters. You can use a combination of letters, numbers, symbolsand spaces. Make a note of the chosen passphrase, to use on alldevices using the wireless network.


Step 6. Press 'apply' and then 'continue', tosave the settings.


Now edit/create the wireless profile on all wirelesscomputers, matching the routers passphrase.

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