Can I use VoIP through my modem or router?

This depends on your VoIP provider, which other VoIP products orsoftware you are using and how you have configured your router.

If you are not using the NAT feature of your router, and yourVoIP product or software is assigned a public IP address, anyD-Link router will work. This always applies to any single-portADSL modem.

The NAT feature on any router, whether D-Link or not, willinevitably cause problems. For SIP-compatible VoIP services andproducts, it is possible to work around this problem by using aSTUN server. Note that routers which prioritise VoIP traffic usingQoS will still require an external STUN server if they areconfigured to use NAT.

Please consult the documentation of your VoIP client and yourVoIP service provider for details on how to operate them through aNAT router.

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