Can I use my DSM-G600 formatted internal hard drive in other machines?

When you initially installed your 3.5" hard drive in yourDSM-G600, it was formatted to a EXT2 file system. If you wouldremove the hard drive from the DSM-G600, you can plug it into othermachines which can read the EXT2 file system.

Machines which can read the EXT2 filesystem

  • Other DSM-G600 devices
  • Linux / Unix based computers

Machines which cannot read the EXT2 filesystem

  • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP based computers
  • Macintosh based computers

Note that there are softwares you can install on yourwindows or mac computer, which may read you EXT2disc. This solution is however notrecommended by D-Link Ltd.

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