How do I set up my ADSL router for Internet access?

Note: the settings described here apply to most UK InternetService Providers (ISP). Please consult the documentation your ISPsent you and follow their instructions where necessary

Note: there are two different firmware versions for theDSL-G624T/DSL-524T with differing user interfaces. Please followinstructions for the one that matches your model.

  1. Begin by opening your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) andenter the IP address of your router into the address bar. Thedefault address is

  2. Your web browser will pop-up a login prompt, asking you for ausername and password. The default username and password are bothadmin. Enter these details, then clickOK.

  3. After logging in, you will see one of two screens, depending onfirmware version. If you see the Home screen, click on theWAN button on the left hand side.


    If you are using the new firmware, you will be taken straight tothe ADSL Setup page.

  4. On the ADSL setup page, most settings will already be set tosensible defaults that will work with most UK ISPs. You only needto enter the username and password provided by your ISP into thecorrect fields. Note that these are usually different from youremail login details; please refer to the documentation sent to youby your ISP.

    Screenshot of old firmwareScreenshot of new firmware

    If your ISP has given you a VPI and VCI, orhas specified a certain value for the MTU or MRU,please enter these into the appropriate fields.

    Most users will want to leave Connection settings on AlwaysOn.

    Once you have entered all the information, click theApply button at the bottom of the screen.

  5. When you have configured the router, you will need to save thesettings and restart. To do this, go to the Tools tab,then to System (old firmware) or to theMAINTENANCE tab, then Save/Restore Settings (newfirmware).

    Screenshot of old firmware

    Screenshot of new firmware

    Both versions will show a button labelled Save andReboot. Click on this to complete the setup.

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