Where can I find the MAC address of my access point?

This information applies to the following access points:

  • DWL-700AP
  • DWL-900AP
  • DWL-1000AP
  • DWL-2000AP/2100AP/2200AP
  • DWL-7000AP/7100AP
  • DAP-1160
  • DAP-1353

The MAC address of your access point is listed on the stickerlocated on the bottom of the access point. It is listed below theserial number.

The LAN/Wireless and WAN MAC address can be obtained by logginginto the web-based configuration of the router. Follow the stepsbelow for this method.

Step 1 Log into the web-based configuration bytyping in the IP address of the access point (default is192.168.0.50) in your web browser. The default username isadmin (all lowercase) and the password is blank(nothing).

Step 2 Click on the Status tab atthe top of the page. You will see different categories listed inthe right side of the page and their MAC address whereapplicable.

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