DAP-2662 Upgrade procedure FW 1.05

1. Make sure your DAP-2662 has to manually assign a valid static IPv4 address or get a valid IPv4 address from DHCP server before upgrade FW.
2. Do not power off your DAP-2662 when FW upgrading.
3. Upgrade the intermediate FW (DAP-2662_firmware_v1.05p02r081.bin) before official release FW (DAP-2662_firmware_v1.05r083.bin)

Upgrading by using Web-UI
1. Connect a work station to the LAN port of Access Point.
2. Open the web browser of work station and entering the IP address of the AP. The system default IP address setting is dynamic ip, and you can enter http://dap2662.local to login, if it cannot get ip address from DHCP server, it’s ip address will back to
3. Enter administrator’s username and password, user name and password are “admin” by default.
To update the AP's firmware, click Maintenance > Firmware and SSL Certification Upload
FW upgrade step :
i. Upgrade intermediate FW -> “DAP-2662_firmware_v1.05p02r081.bin”
ii. Upgrade official FW -> “DAP-2662_firmware_v1.05r083.bin”
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