How to create captive portal on DWC-1000 – FW.4.4.x

Network Configuration:
This example will use the following devices and setup:

DWC-1000 – Unified Wireless Controller
DWL-6600AP - Unified Wireless N Simultaneous Dual-Band PoE Access Point

Firmware Used:
FW: (DWC-1000 – Unified Wireless Controller)
FW. (DWL-6600AP - Unified Wireless N Simultaneous Dual-Band PoE Access Point)

Note: Please always check our website for updates for firmware
Topology Example:

Step 1 – Enter the web GUI interface of the DWC using its IP address in a web browser. In our example we have used the IP address of

Accept any certificate warnings you may see, this is perfectly normal and safe

Step 2 – Once logged into the interface go to “AP Profile”

Wireless > Access Point > AP Profile

Right-click over the default profile “dlink1” then click “Edit”

Step 3 – Create a SSID as follows:

Scroll-down to “Security” and set to “None”

Click “Save”

Step 4
– Create a Group

Security > Authentication User Database > Groups

Click “Add New Group”

Click “Save”

Step 5 – Save changes to AP

Wireless > Access Point > AP Profiles

When you make changes, you will see the above “Profile Status” as “Associated – Modified”. To transfer the new configuration to AP, right-click over the AP Profile and click “Apply”

Once complete, you should get the above status “Associated”

Step 6
– Create a User

Security > Authentication User Database > Users

Click “Add New User”

Click “Save”

Step 7 – Manage AP

Wireless > Access Point > Discovered AP List

In our example we are using the DWL-6600AP

Right-Click over the AP, then click “Manage”

Click “Save”


The AP should now be “Managed”, this is denoted by the colour change from “RED” to “GREEN”

Step 8 – Connect your wireless device to the SSID created in Step 2.

iPad Mini:                                                                                                Nokia Lumia 930

Result: The Captive Portal redirects to a particular website. In this example:


Rank: 1.5

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