mydlink Home Siren


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Why you want it


Pair it with
a motion sensor

Always know when something's moving at home. Pair your Wi-Fi Siren with your Wi-Fi Motion Sensor and get alerted to movement near doorways, windows, and other sensitive areas.

Wi-Fi Motion Sensor-DCH-S150

Pair it with
a water sensor

Stop a problem from becoming a disaster. Pair your Wi-Fi Siren with your Wi-Fi Water Sensor to detect leaks from washing machines and water heaters before they cost you thousands.

Wi-Fi Water Sensor-DCH-S160

Make your home safer

Use your siren with the Wi-Fi motion sensor or with the Monitor HD to see what's happening at home, even when you're on the go.

Easy to set up rules

Automate your home for safety, convenience, or both, using Rules - the easiest and best way to create a smarter and more reactive home.

Works with what you have.

Connects to your Wi-Fi network - No additional hub required.

Easy set up


Connect your Wi-Fi siren to an electrical outlet


Connect to your existing Wi-Fi network (no hubs are required)


Create rules with other devices (motion sensor, water sensor, camera) to automate your home




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    What's in the box

    Wi-Fi Siren


    Quick Install Guide


    Compatible App
    mydlink Home
    Product type
    Number of sounds
    6 type of sounds
    Up to 100 dB
    This product was phased out on: 10/11/2018
    Última fecha de asistencia 09/11/2020
    DCH-S220 Installation guide
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