I cannot see all the files I am sharing on the DSM-330

The DSM-330 supports all DivX® and most Xvid files (.divxand .avi files using DivX with MPEG-1 Layer 2 and Layer 3 or AC3audio. You should also be able to play back non-copy protectedWMV/WMA files. If you have shared media files on the server andthey do not appear on the DSM-330, you may need to convert it to acompatible format first, e.g. DivX. You will need a conversionsoftware to do this, such as

Another possibility is that the server did not detect new filesbeing added. In this case, use the 'Re-scan' function of theDivX Connected Server application:

- while in the folder needing re-scanning, simply press the menubutton and select "re-scan"

Finally, you may be trying to access PIN-protected content. Toenter the PIN code to view such content:

- press the 'Menu' button
- choose 'Login'
- enter the PIN code

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