How do I change the path of where I want to save my recordings to?

You can do this through IPview. Just open the program and selectthe recording tab. This window will allow you tochange the following settings.

File Path: The path by default isx:\Program Files\IPview where xis your hard drive letter. Click on the Browsebutton to select a different folder to save your files in andapply the changes.

Recording Options: You will be able to chooseeither File Size or Time. Filesize allows you to choose from 10MB to50MB, the default setting is20MB. Choosing by Time will allowyou to record for specific amount of time. By default the settingis 20Min, you can select from10Min to 30Min

Over-write Options: When selecting either ofthese two options you will over-write the Space orTime you have allocated. The over-write time radiobutton allows you to choose from 5 to240 hours. By default the setting is5 hours.

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