Some computers can print using this printserver but not my Macintosh Mac OS X

To setup your Mac OS X machine to print using the D-Link printserver, please follow these steps. This this example, weuse the printer model Epson C41UX



1. Open the "Printer Setup Utility" which canbe found in the /Applications/Utilitys

2. Click Add printer

3. Select " IP Printer"

4. Select "Line Printer Daemon-LPD" form the"Protocol" list

5. Enter the TCP/IP (or DNS name) of theprinter into the "Address" box and enter queue name into "Queuebox".

6. Select "Epson" from the "print Using" list.

7. Select printer model (Epson C41UX) from"model list"

8. Click Add The printer will be available fromthe " printer List ".

9. Select "Quit" from the menu and the setup isnow complete .


Test print:

1. Open the Mac browser (Safari).

2. Select "File" , "print …" ,Select "prs301ue" from the menu.

3. Click "print " the C41UX printer will beprint out

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