How do I configure WDS on two DWL-3200AP bridged to each other?

You will need the MAC address of the remote AP to configure yourwireless bridge.

Step 1: Connect the DWL-3200AP to your PC using anEthernet cable. Your computer will need to be in the same IPaddress range as the DWL-3200AP for configuration. The default IPaddress is

Step 2: Open a web browser and enter in the IPaddress of the access point ( The username isadmin (all lower case) and the password is blank(nothing).

Step 3: Click on the Home tab andthen click on Wireless on the left side. ForMode, select WDS. You can also select WDS with APif you would like to create a wireless bridge and keep the APfunctionality. Enter the Remote AP MAC Address(IE50:23:AB:D4:56:E1). Click Apply to save yoursettings.

Step 4: Repeat the instructions for the remoteaccess point. Click Apply to save yoursettings.

Note: If you have encryption enabled, ensure thekey matches on both access points. Also, ensure that both accesspoints do not have the same IP address. By default, the IP addressis

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