5G Wi-Fi 6 Mesh kit with external antenna


  • Product Status (Revision A1): Live

5G Wi-Fi 6 Mesh kit with external antenna

  • External 5G of long range
    • IP67 protection class
  • Wi -Fi 6 AX1500 router (2.4 GHz - 300 Mbps and 5 GHz - 1201 Mbps)
    • 1 Port Gigabit WAN, 1 Port Gigabit LAN
    • Encryption of WPA3 connection

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AX1500 Wi-Fi 6

Designed for today’s device-dense homes. Ideal for 4K streaming, VR gaming, video calling, and keeping all your smart home devices connected

Easy Setup

Setup wizard to guide you through the configuration process

High-speed 5G Internet

Connect with next-generation 5G speeds up to 4 Gbps and experience lightning-fast downloads, lower latency and reduced congestion.


Small data packets destined for multiple devices are transmitted together and never have to queue up again. Perfect for bandwidth-hungry devices battling for bandwidth.

Parental Controls

Assign devices to family members’ profiles to individually block devices and websites, set schedules for access, and turn off Wi-Fi.

Easy install with PoE

Power your Wi-Fi with 5G

Enjoy next-generation 5G connections at speeds up to 1 Gbps and Wi-Fi up to 1.5 Gbps on all your connected devices throughout your home, office or holiday home.

Perfect for areas with limited or no access to fixed internet

DWP-1010/KT is a complete solution for areas where the offer of fixed Internet access is technically unsatisfactory or non-existent. Just insert your 5G SIM card into the antenna slot and all your devices will be able to access the Internet via the M15 router placed anywhere in your home.

The external 5G modem is an efficient directional antenna with a built-in Qualcomm SDX62 module, which allows you to establish a fast and reliable connection with a bandwidth of up to 1 Gbps. The high-gain antenna is an ideal solution in areas underserved by traditional broadband networks and often at the edge of mobile networks.

Withstands the weather

Built with a rugged IP67 weather-resistant housing to help protect the DWP-1010/KT from extreme weather and provide clear reception, so you can continue to receive the best connectivity possible — come rain or shine.

Simple installation with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

DWP-1010/KT is equipped with a 1 Gbps Ethernet LAN port with PoE support, thanks to which a single cable is used to transmit data and power the device. There is no need to use additional power cables, there is no cable tangle and the configuration is more convenient.

Easy to install, use and manage

DWP-1010/KT can be mounted on a pole or attached to a wall to obtain the best connection quality. The free D-Link Falcon or EZ Site-Survey mobile app allows you to select the best DWP-1010/KT setting for the strongest 5G signal. This will ensure that users enjoy the best download and upload speeds.

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