How do I configure a DSL-G804V with Windows 2000/XP VPN Client (PPTP) connection?

Step 1. Open a web browser and type the IP addressof the DSL-G804V in the address bar (default is PressEnter.

Step 2. Enter the username and password(default is admin/admin). Click on OK tologin.

Step 3. Click on Advanced atthe top. Click on VPN on the left side.

Step 4. Click on the PPTPoption button.

Step 5. Configure the following:

  • Connection Name - enter the connectionname
  • Connection Type - Select Remote Access
  • Service Type - Select Dial-in
  • IP Address - enter the IP address to beassigned to the remote user (i.e.
  • Username - enter the Username
  • Password - enter the Password
  • Authentication Type - select Chap
  • Idle Timeout - enter preferred time out foruser (i.e. 5 mins)
  • Data Encryption - select Enable
  • Key Length - select 128 bits

Click on Apply when done.

Step 6. At the bottom of the screen, you willsee the new entry (pptpuser) under the VPN/IPSec List. Click on thetick icon to enable the new entry.

Step 7. The pptpuser profile will now show upas enabled.

Step 8. Click on Tools at thetop.

Step 9. Click on System on theleft side. Click on the Save button to permanentlysave the changes to device memory.

Configuring the Windows 2000/XP PPTP Client

Step 10. In your Windows 2000/XP machine, gointo Start--> Settings--> Control Panel anddouble-click on Network and Dial-upConnections.

Step 11. In Network and Dial-up Connections,double-click on Make New Connection.

Step 12. The network Connection Wizard will bestarted. Click on Next.

Step 13. Select the Connect to aprivate network through the Internet option. ClickNext.

Step 14. Select Do not dial the initialconnection. Click Next.

Step 15. Type in the WAN IP Address of theDSL-G804V under the Host name or IP address. ClickNext.

Step 16. Select For all usersor Only for myself. ClickNext.

Step 17. Type in the name of the VPNconnection. Click Finish.

Step 18. Open up the newly created connection.Type in the Username andPassword. Click on Connect tomake the connection.

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