ow do I upgrade the firmware on my DCS-1000 /1000W?

Upgrading the firmware on the DCS-1000 /1000W can beaccomplished by using the IPVIEW program that is on the shippingCD. Once you have installed the IPVIEW program on your computerfollow the steps below to upgrade your firmware.


Step 1 Go toStart>Programs>IPVIEW>IPVIEW.


Step 2 Login in with your user name andpassword. By default the user name is admin andthe password is blank.


If you have changed the user name and password, use thatinformation to login.


Step 3 After logging in, the application willopen, displaying a listing of installed cameras. Select the camerathat you would like to upgrade the firmware on and double click onit. This will open the properties window for that camera.


Step 4 In the camera properties window you willselect the Tools tab. Use theBrowse button to find the new firmware.


Step 5 When you have selected the firmwareclick on the update button.

Make sure the camera is connected at all times duringupdate.


Step 6 After the update has completed click onthe Information tab. This page displays thefirmware version, verifying that the firmware has beenupgraded.

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