802 11g Wireless LAN USB Adapter


  • Dostupnost produktu (Revision A): End of Life
Tento produkt byl ukončen: 05/12/2006
This product's last date of support is on: 04/12/2008
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Datasheet (English) - PDF 0.41mb Stáhnout
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Manual (English) Manual (English) 11.12.2003 PDF 3.21mb Stáhnout
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Quick installation guide (English) - PDF 1.73mb Stáhnout
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DEU_Drivers_v3_00_RevA German PRISM 802.11a/g Adapter drivers v3.00.22.0

This software may be used only for the specified product, pay attention to particular hardware revision, eg: H / W B2, or Rev. A3!

Used in a different / similar product can make this product unusable and will void your product warranty.
10.01.2005 Stáhnout

0901161309 WPA PSK drivers

30.08.2004 Stáhnout
Version Description Date
DEU_CE_C1_RevA Certificate of Declaration C1 26.01.2005 Stáhnout
DEU_CE_B2_RevA Certificate of Declaration B2 13.04.2004 Stáhnout