Redundant Power Supply for DMC-1000 Chassis


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Intended for use with the DMC-1000 chassis, this redundant power supply unit acts as a fail-safe against power failure.

The DMC-1001 is a hot swappable redundant power supply that is designed for use in the DMC-1000.

Technické specifikace produktu

LED indicators
  • Power LED - Fan LED

Housing Dimensions
  • 415 x 390 x 89 mm

AC input
  • 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Internal universal power supply

Operation Temperature
  • 0° -  40° C

Storage Temperature
  • -10° -  50° C

Operation Humidity
  • 10%  -  90%

Storage Humidity
  • 5%  -  90%

Emission (EMI)
  • FCC class A
  • VCCI class A
  • CE Class A


  • I have the chassis DMC-1000 with a redundant power supply DMC-1001 installed. There is a noise I cannot identify. What is it? Přečtěte si odpověď
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